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The Bellagio Publishing Network Discussion Forum (known as Bellpubnet) is an unmoderated mailing list that provides a forum for engaging questions around publishing in the South.

It gathers individuals and organisations willing to discuss not just topical issues impacting on publishing, but also strategies and ways for working towards strengthening indigenous publishing and book development in the South.

It stresses a critical understanding of the culture(s) of publishing in practice today - be it in its actors, modes of functioning, forms, goals or visions. It will encapsulate the book in current meanings and formats.

Bellpubnet encourages contributions from every perspective and persuasion presented in an accessible, frank and educative mode. We appreciate lively debates that share knowledge about the challenges and joys of publishing in the South.

How to join the list?

***Forum is currently closed***


The primary method of managing your subscription and contributing to discussions is through emails. Archives will be available online as well.

To join Bellpubnet, there are two methods. You can either send a blank message to: or subscribe online below, if you would like to access the messages online (this option requires registration).

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