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Compiled by Sulaiman Adebowale

L' Edition Africaine en fran�ais pour la jeunesse 2002 [African Publishing in French for Children 2002].

La Joie par les Livres, ISBN 2-9513753-2-8, 26pp November 2001, av. G�n�rale de Gaulle, 92147 Clamart cedex, France. +33 1 40831462 (tel), +33 1 40940404 (fax), email:

This well-presented annotated catalogue is a valuable resource on children's books in Africa. It contains important information on the publishers of children's titles in Francophone Africa and France, including a selection of their titles in French and local languages, associations of writers, artists and publishers, book clubs, libraries, bookshops and other actors in the book chain.

The revised third edition of the catalogue includes information on notable prizes and awards and book publishing fora in Africa, not just Francophone Africa. It also contains a few children's books publishers in South Africa and Namibia. This catalogue will be useful for actors in the publishing industry in Africa.

The African Book Publishing Record vol. XXVII no. 3 2001
ISSN 0306-0322. Annual subscription: �185/$295 /DM578. K.G. Saur Verlag GmbH, Orlestrasse 8, 81373 Munchen, Germany. + 49 (0)89 769020 (tel), + 49 (0)89 76902150 (fax), email:;

The ABPR compiles bibliographic listings of book publishers or subsidiary companies in Africa. It covers books, pamphlets, reports and series titles in English, French and some African languages. It serves as a supplement and update of the African Books in Print (fifth edition, London: Bowker-Saur, September 2000).

This issue also contains the annual 'Africana Reference Works: An Annotated List of 2000 Titles' edited by Jill Young Coelho, and articles and book reviews on publishing related topics.

Upgrading Book Distribution in Africa edited by Tony Read, Carmelle Denning and Vincent Bontoux
ISBN 1901830 15 2, xx + 252 pp, incl. illustrations, 2001, ADEA Working Group on Books and Learning Materials, Distributed by the African Books Collective Ltd, The Jam Factory, 27 Park End St. Oxford OX1 1HU, UK. +44 1865 726686 (tel), +44 1865 793298 (fax), email:

The 12th volume in the series of Perspectives on African Book Development published by the African Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) looks at some of the questions around equitable and effective textbook distribution systems in sub-Saharan Africa. The study provides a broad analysis of the key issues affecting book distribution in Africa. The information is gleaned through major case studies from Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Malawi, Niger and Uganda and mini studies from Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, C�te d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, and Togo.

In addition to providing an overview, it also recommends vital options that policy makers need to consider in developing a national framework for efficient textbook delivery. This detailed survey of textbook distribution in the region also includes a glossary of common terms used in the book and education sectors. It is an essential resource for all those concerned with seeking solutions to improve access to educational material in Africa.

Education for Librarianship and Information Science in Africa edited by Michael Wise
ISBN 0-9679101-5-3, 302 pp 2000, $24.95, International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and International Academic Publishers, PO Box 26290, Colorado Springs, CO 80613, USA.

This fifteen-chapter study examines the state of development of education and training for librarianship in Africa. The volume gathered by the late Michael Wise, a prominent figure in library development in Africa, has been described by Ian M. Johnson, Chairman IFLA Professional Board, as a 'source of inspiration for the small band of teachers [of librarianship and information science] in Africa, and some fresh insights for the international community that seeks to support them'.  [end]  [BPN, no 29, 2001, p 14.]

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