Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter
 Number 30
May 2002 


The Bellagio Publishing Network is an informal association of organizations dedicated to strengthening indigenous publishing and book development in Africa. The group includes publishers, donor organizations from both government and private voluntary sectors, and others who are concerned with books and publishing. This newsletter covers news of the Network and perspectives on publishing and book development.


 News and Report on Publishing


Editorial  [html]  
By Katherine Salahi  

Is the future print-on-demand? Increasing revenue for publishers in the 21st Century  [html]  
By Sulaiman Adebowale  

Étonnants voyageurs: International Book Festival in Bamako [html]  

The internet and human rights advocacy in Africa  [html]  
By Firoze Manji 

Marketing Africa's Best   [html]  
By Margaret Ling  

First-timer's view of the London Book Fair   [html] 
By David Ng'ang'a

Afrilivres, an online bookshop on Africa and the diaspora   [html]  

Ama wins Commonwealth Writers Best First Book Prize  [html]

Recognizing the best African journalism on education  [html]

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OPCA)  [html]


 Perspectives and Commentary


Legislation, law enforcement and education: copyright protection in the developing regions   [html]  
By Brian Wafawarowa

Open access in scientific publishing – handing back the power   [html] 
By Becky Fishman

Mongo Beti: the writer-gadfly   [html]
By George Ngwane




Review:  Education for Librarianship and Information Science in Africa, edited by Michael Wise   [html]  
By Jean-Pierre Diouf

New publications    [html]  

Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century   [pdf] 

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