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Bibliography on Publishing in the Third World, 1980-1993 by Philip G. Altbach and Hyaeweol Choi, ISBN 1-56750-085-4, 152pp, 1993 Bellagio Studies in Publishing 3, Boston, [with Ablex Publishers, Norwood, New Jersey] $19.95, £11.95 pb. Click for ordering info.

This book compiles a listing of analyses and debates on publishing and book development in the Third World. The bibliography is to foster critical reflections on issues around the context of publishing in the developing world.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Philip G. Altbach

  1. What we know about Third World publishing: Issues and debates
  2. The Bibliography
    • Geographical listings
    • Topic listings
    • Cross-reference index
  3. Organizations and journals dealing with publishing in the Third World

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