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Book and Publishing Assistance Programs: A Review and Inventory Carol Priestley, ISBN 0-937-033-53-7 122pp 1993 Bellagio Studies in Publishing 2, Boston, $19.95, £11.95 pb. Click for ordering info.

This book was commissioned by the Bellagio Publishing Network to map the variety of agencies and programmes involved in indigenous publishing in Africa. An understanding of the forms of, and actors in, support of book and publishing development in Africa is imperative to coordinate efforts and experience gained from a serious evaluation of what has been accomplished and yet to be tackled. It is equally necessary to look critically at how these efforts affect the broader publishing context in Africa.

Divided into two sections, the first is subdivided into a short review of the context of donor activity in support of indigenous publishing, followed by an overview of some types of donor support. The pages on context look briefly at key issues such as language, capital, equipment, authorship, and copyright.

The overview describes types of support such as paper provision, training, the organising of loan schemes, and subsidising translation. The second, longer section of the book, gives details of organisations involved in support to indigenous publishing with full contact details. The book serves as a reference detailing which organisations are undertaking what sort of work in support of publishing; it is also an introductory text to those new to the field.

Table of Contents

Preface by Philip G. Altbach

Introduction to Second Edition

Part A: The Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Context of Support
  3. The Donor Response
  4. Analysis of Factors Affecting Donor Assistance (based on responses to this review
  5. Long-term, Self-Sustainable Indigenous Publishing: Priorities for Donor Support
  6. Conclusion

Part B: The Inventory

  • Inventory of organisations promoting indigenous publishing
  • Index to inventory

    Appendix: List of contacts approached


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