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Readings on Publishing in Africa and the Third World by Philip G. Altbachi, ISBN 0-937-033-55-3, 226pp, 1993 Bellagio Studies in Publishing 1, Boston, [with Obor Foundation] $19.95, £11.95 pb. Click for ordering info.

A selection of articles and other writings on publishing and book development in the Third World.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgments by Philip G. Altbach

  1. Perspectives on publishing in Africa by Philip G. Altbach
  2. African scholarly publishing in the eighties by Hans M. Zell
  3. Current children's book publishing by Mabel D. Segun
  4. Taking books to the non-literary market place by Walter Bgoya
  5. David G.Maillu and his readers by E. O. Apronti
  6. Autonomous publishing in Cameroon by Diana C. Newton
  7. The Book in Francophone Black Africa: A critical perspective by Gunter Simon
  8. Publishing in another South Africa by Susan Joubert
  9. A decade of publishing in Kenya, 1977-1987: One man's involvement by Henry Chakava
  10. The challenge of university publishing in Africa, with special reference to Nigeria by Abiola Irele
  11. Books in Zambia: The developing hunger by Geoffrey J. Williams
  12. Promoting professionalism in African publishing – The Ghana project by Abu Hasan
  13. Third World publishers and the international knowledge system by Philip G. Altbach
  14. The economics of book publishing in developing countries by Datus C. Smith, Jr.
  15. Copublication in the Third World: Breaking the language barrier by Victoria L. Cabanilla and Thomas R. Hargrove
  16. The role and nurturing of journals in the Third World by Philip G. Altbach
  17. The subtle inequalities of copyright power without responsibility? by Philip G. Altbach
  18. Copyright: Where do we go from here? by Edward W. Ploman
  19. Distribution: The neglected link in the publishing chain by Amadio A. Arboleda
  20. Scholarly publishing in the Third World by Philip G. Altbach
  21. Textbooks in the Third World: challenge and response by Philip G. Altbach and S. Gopinathan


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