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African Books Collective (ABC), founded, owned and governed by African publishers seeks to strengthen indigenous African publishing through collective action and to increase the visibility and accessibility of the wealth of African scholarship and culture. Its strategy involves:

  • Working in partnership with publisher, donor and other cultural organisations in Africa and elsewhere to disseminate information and promote African publishing and book interests.
  • Promoting, market and distribute African-published materials worldwide outside publishers' domestic markets; and through a full range of marketing activities to increase sales of African-published books.
  • Drawing on new technologies and evolving marketing developments, to develop existing markets and establish new markets.

ABC's strategy is, in part, commercial in order to achieve the cultural mission.

African Books Collective Ltd
Unit 13
Kings Meadow
Ferry Hinksey Road
Tel: +44(0)1865-726686
Fax: +44(0)1865 793298

The Afrilivres website was launched at the Fest'Africa literary festival in Lille, France, on 12 November 2002.

The Afrilivres association, which groups over 40 African publishers, is launching its French website with the support of its European technical partners, Africultures journal and the Culture et développement association. The project is co-financed by the Alliance des éditeurs indépendants (the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation), the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie.

Description of over 800 available titles (bibliographical information, brief and cover image). Servédit in Paris distributes a selection of around 200 titles in the north. The website is updated daily and the search engine finds books by keyword, author, publisher, country of publication, youth or adult reading, major themes, etc. Selected books can be ordered online and other books can be obtained direct from the publisher and/or distributors. Contact details and useful information is provided about all publishers and distributors.

For the first time, French-speaking African publishers have joined forces to promote their books. This service is intended for all those who not only want to know what is being published in Africa, but also want to purchase African publications. The website will at long last enable members of the African and French book industries to keep up to date with African publications that have traditionally been very hard to find out about. A paper catalogue of African books available will come out in 2003. The catalogue will be distributed at no cost to members of the French and African book industries as part of a programme to support African publishing.

Email :

Alliance of Independent Publishers
The Alliance of Independent Publishers is a non-profit-making association governed by French legislation, set up in spring 2002 on the initiative of a small group of book professionals. By gradually setting up an international network of publishers, working independently of the major publishing groups, who meet regularly and work together on publishing projects, the Alliance of Independent Publishers is contributing to the circulation of ideas and the building of an international civil society.

The Alliance is committed to promoting solidarity-based commercial agreements between its members, in particular by inspiring and developing co-publishing processes. Linguistic networks (French-speaking, English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Arabic-speaking etc.) have been set up for some aspects of our work. Many publishing projects have got off the ground, including international co-published collections: Global Issues, Near and Far, Keywords.

The Alliance of Independent Publishers coordinates these projects, leads the linguistic networks and organises meetings with its members. publishing.

Alliance des éditeurs indépendants
38, rue Saint Sabin
75011 Paris
Tel. +33 (0) 1 43 14 73 66

Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) Working Group on Books and Learning Materials
Founded in 1989, ADEA's Working Group on Books and Learning Materials (the Books Group) is composed of African Ministries of Education, development agencies and civil society organizations concerned with materials development and dissemination. It works in close collaboration with two partner organizations based in Harare, the African Publishers' Network (APNET), and the Pan African Booksellers' Association (PABA). It also works in partnership with a number of NGOs involved in book development in Africa, such as ARED and BLD (Senegal), FUNDZA (Swaziland), READ (South Africa), BAMVITA and the Children's Book Project (Tanzania), NABOTU (Uganda), ZBDC -(Zimbabwe).

Thanks to its growing pool of specialists on different aspects of book development and the book chain, the Working Group can help identify the technical and financial resources necessary for developing and implementing viable national book policies.

Working Group Leader:
Carew Treffgarne
Department for International Development (DFID)
1 Palace Street
London SW1E 5HE, UK
Tel : + 44 (207) 023 0658
Fax : + 44 (207) 023 0287

Book Aid International
Our vision is of a world in which everyone has access to the books and information they need. We are working towards this vision by supporting partner libraries to provide books for readers of all ages in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We have developed partnerships with libraries which provide a cost-effective means to make books accessible to all – they provide equality of access to readers and are a resource for the local community where attractive displays and storytelling sessions can bring books to life.

The potential of ICT is great and we are working with our partners to help take advantage of the opportunities provided by new technologies.

Book Aid International targets those in greatest need and each year provides over 750,000 books to support literacy, education, training and publishing in more than 40 of the poorest countries in the world. Over 85% of our books go to sub Saharan Africa.

For the longer term, we are working towards a sustainable solution in two ways: by supporting the development of the local book trade in Africa and by working with partner libraries to raise awareness of their essential role in development.

Book Aid International
39 - 41 Coldharbour Lane
Tel : +44 20 7733 3577
Fax : +44 20 7978 8006

CODE (Canadian Organization for Development through Education) is a not-for-profit organization that has been promoting education and literacy in the developing world for more than 40 years. CODE builds the bridge of literacy by developing partnerships that provide resources for learning, promote awareness and understanding, and encourage self-reliance.

Today, CODE's primary beneficiaries are boys and girls of primary school age. The goal of CODE's overseas program is to increase children's capacity to learn. To achieve this goal, CODE works with 14 partner organizations in nine countries in Africa and the Caribbean. These organizations implement programmes in their communities, regions or countries which build and maintain strong literate environments for children. Their CODE-supported activities are focused on:

  • The provision of learning materials for children;
  • Skills development for teachers, librarians and literacy agents;
  • The promotion of literate environments for children;
  • The strengthening of education networks and resources.

321 Chapel Street,
Canada, K1N 7Z2
Tel: 613-232-3569
Toll free: 800-661-2633
Facsimile: 613-232-7435

The Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET) is a pan-Caribbean, non-profit network of publishers created to support and promote indigenous publishing throughout the region. CAPNET recognizes publishing as a cultural enterprise and aims to contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of the Caribbean. The organization promotes linkages with other organizations, which, in the face of globalization struggle to preserve the many voices that reflect the unique expressions of local and regional cultures.

CAPNET aims to promote the Caribbean publishing industry in regional and international markets through international fora, fairs and other venues.

Caribbean Publishers' Network
11 Cunningham Avenue,
P.O. Box 686
Kingston 6
West Indies
Tel: +876 978-0745/0739
Tel/Fax: +876 978-0857

The Centre for the Book
The Centre for the Book aims to promote the writing, publishing, reading, marketing and distribution of South African books in order to develop a truly South African literary culture. The core functions of the Centre for the Book are book development, lobbying, raising awareness, advocacy and acting as a hub of information and as an advice centre for the book world. The Centre for the Book is an autonomous project of the National Library of South Africa.

The Centre for the Book
PO Box 15254
Cape Town 8018
South Africa
Tel: +27 21 423 2669
Fax: +27 21 424 1484

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