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Copyright and Development: Inequality in the Information Age. edited by Philip G. Altbach, Chestnut Hill, Mass.: Bellagio Publishing Network Research and Information Center, 1995, 109 pp., $15 (paper). (Bellagio Studies in Publishing 4) ISBN 0-937033-58-8. Click for ordering info.

Copyright and Development: Inequality in the Information Age fills an important gap in the current debate about copyright. All the contributors agree that copyright is important, yet stress that copyright must be understood in a complex international environment. They argue that the current shift in the pendulum has swung too far on the side of those who own knowledge, the copyright holders, while those against copyright on the basis that it kept knowledge from those who needed it most also need to be understood. The collection aims to stimulate discussion not only concerning the control of knowledge and intellectual property, but also about the responsibilities that owners as well as users have to ensure the dissemination of knowledge.

Table of Contents

  1. The Subtle Inequalities of Copyright by Philip Altbach
  2. International Copyright and Africa: An Unequal Exchange by Henry Chakava
  3. Copyright: A Perspective from the Developing World by Dina Nath Malhotra
  4. The Issues at Stake: An Indian perspective on Copyright by Urvashi Butalia
  5. Copyright in the Chinese Context by Janice Wickeri
  6. Copyright - Benefit or Obstacle? by Lynette Owen


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