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Knowledge Dissemination in Africa: The Role of Scholarly Journals edited by Philip G. Altbach and Damtew Teferra. Chestnut Hill, Mass.: Bellagio Publishing Network Research and Information Center, 1998, 140pp., £11.50/$19.00 (paper). (Bellagio Studies in Publishing 8) ISBN 0-96407832. Click for ordering info.

A collection of analyses on the key role of scholarly and scientific journals in Africa and the South. The authors include African journal publishers, editors and academics. Paul Tiyambe Zeleza writes about the challenges of scholarly publishing in Africa within the backdrop of the geopolitics of knowledge production and dissemination. Legesse Negash discusses some of the practical problems of editing. Damtew Teferra and Hans M. Zell engage the technological challenges facing African scholarly journals, while Jacob Jaygbay discusses the future of journals. A Perspective from the South is provided by Ana Maria Cetto and Octovio Alonso-Gamboa, who draw on experiences from Latin American journals. Philip G. Altbach also adds an international perspective to the issue.



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